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At Awaraj Our professionally edited videos are professionally edited to add personality to your company’s image. From big corporations to small start-ups instructors, filmmakers, individuals videographers for weddings, YouTubers Instagram Influencers as well as Digital Marketing agencies. We collaborate with individuals and organizations across the globe. We’re an online editing business that operates all hours of the day to meet your local time and offer services within the time frame you specify. Our skilled video editors work with the top editing tools and techniques that create a stunning and captivating look. With our help, your videos will be given new life.

Why Would You Need to Create a Video?

There are a myriad of reasons, but this is the one that is most important!

Attention span is shrinking faster than the glaciers of the arctic. The majority of people prefer watching videos rather than scrolling through an article. The inability to create videos could impact your brand’s marketing and branding efforts.

If you don’t produce videos, people will not see you.

If they don’t notice you, they won’t be able to recognize you.

If they don’t know about you and don’t know you, then will they actually buy your service or product?

We’ll show you how to can make your life more enjoyable

Send us your raw footage captured with your phone camera, or DSLR. We take care of the heavy lifting, while you relax, lay on the couch, or complete other things on your list. The result is a professional, professional video that speaks to the power of your business, and to the people who are the most important to your business and you.

Fixed time for turnaround

The importance of timing is when it comes to branding and marketing. With us, you’ll never miss a deadline as we guarantee a specific deadline in advance (usually between 48 and 72 hours) and follow the deadline.

Application of artistic sensibility

Before even putting together the first video before putting the first cut together, we spend time knowing your market. Our skilled editors use their artistic savvy to adapt your design to the content features of your target audience.

Support for customizing editing

In addition to our already-designed editing process We also offer an individual solution based on your requirements. Bring us any crazy concept you’ve got and we’ll help bring it to life by incorporating your design and guidelines.

Undiminished quality

The quality of the edited video remains identical to the quality from the video that was originally edited. There will be no loss of pixels in the edited video after editing, something that doesn’t typically occur if you are using the online editor tool.

Unparalleled customer service

We’re committed to providing you with the best service and making sure you’re completely satisfied. If there are any changes or modifications to your edited film, please feel at ease to contact us and we’ll take them into consideration promptly.

Professional Video Editing Services for Your Business

Corporate Videos

Utilize videos to catch the eyeballs and make your brand visible to your target viewers. Our expertise is in creating and editing promotional video, instructional videos demonstrations of products, instructional videos as well as videos that record highlights from the most recent meeting or conference.

Social Media Videos

Social media platforms favor videos over text or images, so why shouldn’t you benefit from this? We edit our videos, with an eye on the optimal video size that is specified by each social media platform. Increase views, tags as well as engagement with your fans.

Testimonial Videos

Do you want to establish credibility so that your customers are able to be confident in your brand and trust you? They will feel more comfortable listening to the stories of your current and former customers. The testimonial video we edit to help you attract new clients and customers.

Instructor and Video Online Courses

For gym instructors an online trainer, or teacher We can edit videos, write subtitles for them, include screens where needed and produce professionally-produced videos. Inspire your students with visually-rich videos that will enhance their learning capabilities.

What type of video editing services do we offer?

The steps are easy! We are here to help you comprehend.

  • Instagram Reels 1 Instagram Reels Adding music, or any other audio banners, subtitles and logos to footages that are raw.
  • Video in long form YouTube videos with Editing IGTV videos Instagram Live and LinkedIn Live sessions, as well as any other long-form video to reuse content from YouTube.
  • Audio to video YouTube Adding images, visual representations, transitions etc. to audio podcasts before making them videos.
  • articles to video YouTube Using listicle-based posts or guides to make it easier for you to convert them into explainer video tutorials that will make your content more engaging and extend its impact.

outsource video editing by Awaraj.

Hey we are digital advertising, marketing as well as branding firms! We invite you to join forces with us and outsourcing your video editing tasks to us. We are available 24/7 to meet deadlines, and provide simultaneous video editing services with affordable prices.

The video editors possess many skills to offer an array of services:

  • Holiday video editing
  • Corporate video editing
  • Product video editing
  • Explainer video editing

Hire a Dedicated Online Video Editor online video editor

Employ a video editor to be exclusively working for you and edit your videos according to your requirements and demands. The time frame for turnaround is both in terms of the initial delivery and subsequent iterations is faster since the editor will be focusing on the set amount of time committed to your task.

Pay the editor on a per-hour or monthly basis and use his services to make your videos more attractive.

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